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The hosts at our indoor playground have just one job – to make everything AWESOME! They encourage kids to really stretch themselves, so they progress and become more confident – physically, emotionally and socially. They also ‘fun-gineer’ every session to pack in as much laughter as possible.

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Our friendly hosts are here to help kids explore all that they can be. From fun challenges to making new friends, we’ll inspire your little one to achieve more. Kids will improve their agility, self-confidence and resilience – unlocking their own potential and learning to believe in themselves.

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Grown-ups can choose to join in the fun or take guilt-free time out for themselves. Why not leave your kid with our amazing hosts and enjoy some well-deserved ‘me’ time? Unwind over a coffee, chat to friends, dive into a good book … your kid couldn’t be in safer hands.

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We’re picky when it comes to who can work alongside Junior Jumpers kids! Our hosts are always enthusiastic, gentle and encouraging, and they’re a multilingual team. Together, they help kids to play their way into fun, imaginative progression and development.


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Our hosts are carefully trained to help keep everyone safe, which includes injury prevention and First Aid Level 2. They can also tell you where everything is, from charging points to the nursing room – and about everything that goes on here, like kids’ parties and our Academy. So if you need anything at all, just ask!