Children enjoying themselves at the Junior Jumpers Freestyle Academy

Junior Jumpers Academy

Reach for the stars

Junior Jumpers Academy is a fun coaching program that unlocks talent and helps kids build character and resilience. As they progress through the 4 levels, kids are safely guided to develop their confidence and their physical, social and emotional skills. They’ll improve their balance, co-ordination, strength and agility, with every achievement celebrated along the way!

A child learning fundamental new skills through physical learning at our playground

Carefully designed to safely build age appropriate skills

A child star-jumping in the play area

4 levels of progression – from ground skills to trampoline jumping

Children having a fun interaction with some of our hosts

45 mins guided time + 15 mins free play

Develops physical, social, emotional and cognitive skills

Max 6 kids per coach to ensure close personal attention

Grown-ups are welcome to join in!

Details & pricing


Level 1

AED 1200

1 hour per week


Level 2

AED 1300

2 hours per week

Jump Skills

Level 3

AED 1500

4 hours per week


Level 4

AED 2500

8 hours per day

How classes work

Each one-hour class is structured to help kids develop exciting new skills. It also includes some freestyle play time just for fun.

Our coaches guide the kids through a range of circuits where they’ll meet multiple challenges. These include new and creative ways of moving, rolling, balancing, flipping, vaulting, swinging and landing.

The 4 levels build from first steps to the more advanced, progressively empowering kids to:

  • develop confidence with precise movements and increasing speed
  • add creativity and self-expression to the way they navigate obstacles
  • learn how to safely take risks
  • constructively express and manage their emotions.

Bonus extras

  • FREE annual gift pack with t-shirt & keyring
  • FREE 1 hour per week of general access at Junior Jumpers (Sunday to Wednesday in term time, excluding bank holidays)

Dates & times


Level 1

Mondays 11am

Level 2

Tuesdays 11am

Level 3

Wednesdays 11am

Level 4

Thursdays 11am