Boy sliding at Junior Jumpers

Child Development

Up, up, up!

We’re all about helping kids to develop, discover and grow – to keep exploring their limits so they can reach their potential. All while having a blast and in a totally safe environment.

Physical development

Being in control

Our freestyle playground has been carefully designed to develop balance, coordination and strength. At Junior Jumpers, your kids will improve their motor skills and agility while having lots of fun!

A child developing their physical skills on one of our climbing walls

Emotional development

Learning resilience

Being part of the Junior Jumpers tribe helps kids to mature. They learn to challenge themselves – celebrating success, or trying again until they can. Kids learn to take turns, share, listen, and keep themselves safe. And they learn to bounce back: if something doesn’t work first time, it really isn’t the end of the world. Just keep going.

Children enjoying the fun and interactions at our play area

Social development

Relating to one another

Junior Jumpers is a social, buzzy place! Lot’s of relationships to explore. Meeting kids you don’t know, leaning to play well with friends, and engaging with our hosts. Kids even learn to let go of their special grown-up for a while (who can then take a well-deserved break in our café!).

Kids socialising and getting to know each other at Junior Jumpers

Cognitive development

Figuring things out

Junior Jumpers isn’t just about physical activity; kids are encouraged to develop their thinking, too. “I enjoyed that; how can I make it even more exciting next time?” or “That didn’t work out, so how should I do it differently?” Junior Jumpers hosts are always on hand to inspire kids to reach higher – safely and imaginatively.

Toddler having fun on mini trampoline at Junior Jumpers